1. One of my heroes and most favourite musicians ever. 

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  2. Summer is supposed to be the most exciting time of student life, yet these months have been the most dull of the year so far. 

  4. alwaysbevintage:

    Grace Kelly photographed by Howell Conant in Montego Bay, Jamaica, 1955

  6. stopdreamingstartflying:

    The 4 stripes

    Maybe one day.

  7. gauntletspirit:


    Because Pitbulls need love too.

    clearly vicious brutes

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  8. favourite

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    The dreamliner cockpit


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  10. juji-gatame:

    Some pictures of Judo that I shoot in 2007 in the Universiade of Bangkok. 

  11. My guys.

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  12. Never been a huge fan, but this is breathtaking.

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  13. emalta:

    A Maltese breakfast: Pastizzi and Qassata 


  14. talk to me, kids.

  15. Mdina, Malta


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