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    Savoca (Sicily, Italy) by Red Andrè

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    Hey followers — HAPPY SÁMI NATIONAL DAY! Otherwise known by these terms in the Sámi languages and Norwegian:

    Northern Sami: Sámi álbmotbeaivi
    Inari Sami: Säämi aalmugpeivi
    Skolt Sami: Saa´mi meersažpei´vv
    Norwegian: Samefolkets dag

    What makes today so special? February 6th marks the date of the first congress held by the Sámi people back in 1917 in Trondheim. Since 1992, National Sámi Day has been recognized as a holiday for all the Sámi, regardless of region. In Norway, all federal buildings must fly the Norwegian and Sámi flag on February 6th.

    Feel free to check out a post I did about National Sámi Day last year.

    PHOTOS: NordNorge.com, timlorang.com

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    Beauty of Norway (by Creative Days)

  4. Bergen. Norway

    en dag snart

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  5. Beyond stoked.

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    Snaps on Flickr.

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    Los Sami (Lapones), Noruega

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    clever commercial..!

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    Images of Norway: Paradisaktig! #lofoten #nofilter #paradise #nature #wow by oveseen http://ift.tt/1rvw2Cv

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    Painted sign outside Double G Pit Stop BBQ in San Saba, TX.

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  14. Tore the pages from their Torahs. Hurled torches at their doors
    So they departed Polish ports and boarded boats to court the green lady with that copper torch who rose up gorgeous off the shore
    Endured that stormy weather for me
    Ellis Island, hellish journey
    Maggots in the hard barley
    Some shot off their own toes so they couldn’t be forced to march in the Tsar’s army
    Bodies pitched in ditches, singed and bludgeoned
    Burned the children in the ovens by the dozens
    Burned the witches in New England by the coven
    They burn the different ones, so clutch your cousins close
    Cause such is life, it’s cuts and strife, stitches, punches, knives and hungry crows
    Nothing guarantees survival
    And we won’t stop this terror sticking flowers in the barrels of their rifles
    We fight the hatred with the light
    And when they think we’ll fold and wave that bright rag
    We won’t surrender
    We’ll wipe the blood up with the white flag
    So impressed with the new Watsky album.
  15. One of my heroes and most favourite musicians ever. 

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